Game based learning – with Paul Gee

If you don’t know who Paul Gee is (guru of game based learning!) or aren’t terribly familiar with his most recent works, there’s an excellent webinar called “Big G Game Based Learning”. Check out the webinar here:

Game-based learning should involve more than a game as a piece of software. It should involve designing what Arizona State University Professor James Paul Gee calls “Big G Games.” In the 50th webinar for the Game-Based Learning community, Gee discussed how Big G Games integrate a game as software with good interactional practices, good participatory structures, smart tools, and an emphasis on production and not just consumption. Often, out of school, such Big G Games involve what Gee has called “affinity spaces,” Internet spaces where people self-organize around a passion. Game-based learning leads naturally into a discussion of 21st Century learning and paradigm change for schools. View the webinar to find out how these “affinity spaces” are often part and parcel of even entertainment games today and how they create learning systems with properties that are quite different from schools as we currently know them.