Various Social Networking Studies

Various Social Networking Studies

This is more of an amalgamation of various papers by danah boyd (note the all lower case!) She’s written various reports regarding social networking, some of which are particularly interesting. She’s done a lot of research into teens online and, most importantly, boyd is an advocate of having an online presence.

People who don’t hire a candidate because of their online history will “miss out on the best minds of my generation. Bright peopl epush the edge, but what constitutes the edge is time-dependent. It’s no longer about miniskirts or rock and roll; it’s about having a complex digital presence”.


The Drama! Teen Conflict, Gossip and Bullying in Networked Publics

Social Privacy in Networked Publics: Teens’ Attitudes, Practices and Strategies

Social Network Sites: Public, Private … or What?

Social Network Sites: Definition, History and Scholarship


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