Open Learning And Rethinking Academia

Open Learning And Rethinking Academia

In the old days, being relevant was writing academic papers. Today, if people can’t find you on the internet, if they’re not talking about you in Rwanda, you’re irrelevant.

Discussion about reinventing education and academia. Instead of just writing papers, people need to use social media, networks and tap into the knowledge out there in the street. The internet is a resource for connecting, funding and finding others with common interest and similar fields. Using communities, movements can be created that aim to resolve problems or find innovative ways to look at old issues. The focus is on learning … not education. 

An interesting idea is that of practice over theory – playing with ideas and exploring, rather than theorising. Innovation is no longer expensive and limited to elite, wealthy organisations. Anyone can be innovative. 

How can I take the ideas of Minecraft and education, find some ideas I can play with and practice and see what kind of outcomes I can achieve? How can I use Minecraft to be innovative?


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